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Use My First-Grade Furniture Repair Service

I can help you with the maintenance of your home or office furnishings. I founded Deb's Special Treasures 15 years ago and since then my company has become a benchmark for competence and excellence. My antique furniture refinishing service is comprehensive and will match in full your personal criteria of quality.

Furniture Service

Furniture Service

Detailed Knowledge of the Furniture Industry

I am often asked what makes me the finest furniture restorer in Douglassville, PA? The answer is simple, I eat, sleep, and breathe furnishings. I am a furniture connoisseur and I truly take pleasure in my profession. I always work with a smile and strive to provide to my clients the best possible services. I am well-acquainted with all types of vintage and modern furnishings, which is why my furniture repair service is suitable for all kinds of jobs.

Insured Services

Deb's Special Treasures is insured because I am a responsible professional that leaves nothing at the chance. I am entrusted with fragile items on a daily basis and I cannot take gambles of any kind. My antique furniture refinishing service in Douglassville, PA is renowned for its dependability and I would never take actions that may jeopardize my reputation.

Call (610) 733-6204 now and book my high-quality furniture repair service. No need to keep broken furnishings around when I can restore them for you!

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  • Furniture Restoration
  • Furniture Repairs
  • Furniture Refinishing
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