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Antique Restoration Done Right

Antiques are definitely highly valuable pieces you can’t take lightly. If you’ve got an antique or two in your home, they certainly can’t do without more than a touch of care and concern. Otherwise, those particularly older items may sustain plenty of damage or deteriorate at a rapid pace. Whether the antique you have is a large wardrobe, cabinet, vanity, chair, or whatever else, they can surely end up at a point beyond repair if you’re not careful. If they’ve somehow reached a highly dilapidated state, you don’t have to fret, however. You can take your items to a reliable antique restoration service to bring them back to their former glory. If you’re looking for a service to provide you with excellent furniture restoration services in Douglassville, PA, Deb's Special Treasures is the right choice to make.

Masterful Restorations

With my company as your chosen antique restoration service, you’ll surely be treated to masterful work. I’ll treat your antiques with utmost care and proficiency in order to fully restore them to mint condition. I’ll surely use tried and tested repair techniques to do so, as well as perform efficient refinishing to enhance their appearance. I am a professional who’s definitely well-versed in these aspects of furniture restoration; so you can rest assured that your items are in good, capable hands.

Our Procedures

Hand your antique furniture over to me, and I’ll gladly take them in for a prompt and efficient restoration. First and foremost, they’ll be subject to inspection so that I can identify any areas that are in need of more thorough repairs. Then, I’ll be ready to carry out the needed work. Using the appropriate tools at my disposal, I will give each item quality care. I’ll plaster any holes, fix any broken mechanisms, sand out any rough edges, refinish any scratches, and repaint any faded surfaces. I’ll be mindful of the craftsmanship of each item and take into account how you’d like them to look. Once I’m done with them, your antiques will truly look and feel better than new.

Indeed, Deb's Special Treasures is the antique restoration service to trust in Douglassville, PA. For inquiries, call me today at (610) 733-6204.

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